Robotics and Engineering Teams

Robotics and Engineering Teams

We are inventors and innovators in training. We are training to save the world, one invention at a time.

Our Mission

To advance the progress of engineering, programming, artificial intelligence through peer to peer learning, invention and competition.

Our Vision

We are committed to innovation in the field of engineering and robotics through incessant curiosity, avid learning, and competitive creativity.

Our Team

We are teams comprised of students from Eastern Henrico middle and high schools.

The greatest invention in the world is the mind of a child. ~Edison

Upcoming Events

We meet every other week, Wednesday, at Varina Library.

Each month for the next 12 months, we will have skill development courses with a related project:

    • November: Learning to Code for the web (HTML, CSS, php)

Project: Team Page/Personal Page Goal: learning to create and publish to the web)

    • December: Electronics and Circuitry (Arduino)

Project: One of 2 tutorial projects; fix your mobile phone Goal: Peer-to-Peer Learning practical aspects of engineering.

    • January: Advanced Coding Concepts (Arduino, Python)

Project: Fundamental Robotics/Creating AI-simulation Data Structures Goal:learning about data driven actions in robotics “if this, then algorithm, do that”

    • February: Creating Parts/Sustainable Sourcing (Making with Scrap)

Project: Moving Art  Goal: To learn about creative re-use

Recent From the Blog

'Key Dates

Key Dates (as of 8/16):

August 30th: Team Meeting (Both Competition & Mini) , 6pm @ Varina Library Teen Center

Competition Team

Team Meetings: Every Wednesday from 6pm – 8pm beginning September 13th

September 9th:  FIRST Tech Challenge Workshops | 8am – 4pm – ECPI Innsbrook Campus, 4305 Cox Road Glen Allen, VA 23060. This is the kickoff to the competition season with the game reveal at Noon. Participants will attend workshops to learn about and prepare for the 2017 challenge. Breakfast and…


2017 Season Kick Off!

Discover the 2017- 2018 Competition season and sign up for the team!


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